Main Rules of Conduct

This is a casual ROLEPLAY server, not a PVP server. Griefing has Zero Tolerance.

The server is currently mostly a text RP server in Discord although there is still a private group available should you wish to wing up with other server users. You DO NOT have to be in the primary RP systems in game to RP here.

  1. Don’t Be A Dick.
  2. A working microphone is preferred and encouraged for in-game RP purposes.
  3. You must be 16 years of age or older to apply.
  4. Be respectful to everyone on the server. Any personal insults or attacks are strictly prohibited.
    • Any form of harassment to include but not limited to discrimination against race, sex, gender, orientation, disability, national origin, religion, and hate speech is not allowed and will be met with a swift Justice.
      1. It is understood there will be some prejudices between in-game factions, keep these interactions tame and appropriate. RP is supposed to be fun and nobody should feel personally attacked.
    • If there is a personal problem with another player, handle it off the game and out of the Discord public chat. There are PMs if you need to resolve a problem.
    • Any player caught harassing or bullying another player on the server, or outside of the server but in relation to their presence on the server, will be permanently removed and barred from the current private group and any future groups.
  5. In game, you must open voice comms to anyone who requests voice comms.
  6. Do not play music or sound files over voice comms.
  7. You must have Discord installed and use Push To Talk unless you have properly configured Voice Activated. You must be online in Discord if you’re online in the EDRP server.
    • For RP purposes, most Discord text and voice channels are considered long range comms and the in-game comms are short-range. 
    • The Discord channels that are named after stations are to be used as “station bars” and are where most RP currently occurs. Other stations may be created as needed. While console players cannot join in missions, they can still RP here. There is no OOC in these channels. Again, you DO NOT have to be in the primary RP systems in game to RP here.
  8. Do not abuse glitches, use exploits such as “mods”, “hacks”, “cheats”, “scripts”, “bots”, “trainers”, and automation programs that may grant you an advantage over other players. Voice Attack is OK.
  9. Do not log out in the middle of combat, i.e. combat logging.
  10. Combat is only allowed with players in RP scenarios where the PVP is consensual or expected. ABSOLUTELY NO KILL ON SIGHT (KOS) WILL BE PERMITTED. You must have voice communication with someone before you engage in combat but remember, RP over PVP when possible.

Dealing with the Police

  1. At this time there are no Police. See number 10 above..

Roleplaying Specific Rules


  1. Primary Roleplay will occur within the following systems: Leesti, Diso, Orrere, Orerve, and Baijungu. Outside of these systems should be treated as “The Frontier.” These stations may change in the future.
  2. It is strongly encouraged to roleplay the first time you meet someone. Pay attention to peoples reputations inside EDRP and not their ‘open’ reputation.
  3. If you must refer to NPCs to another commander in-game, call them “Locals”.
  4. Killing NPCs (Locals) is allowed, naturally.

Rescue and Recovery:

  1. There is currently no R&R, but if assistance is needed, feel free to put out an alert in the long range comms (Discord).

Discord Rules

If tabbing out to use Discord is an issue, or you don’t have a second monitor, the Discord App is available for free on PC, Android, and iOS.

Make sure to run the desktop version as “Administrator” so Push To Talk will work properly.

Voice chat:

  1. All voice chat is Push to Talk or properly configured Voice Activated only.
  2. OOC Voice Chat: Talk to people out of character.
  3. Voice channels of locations: RP hot spots. These are all large stations within the systems. Console users are OK to RP here as well.
  4. There are currently 5 channels for wings, should they be required.
  5. Idle Mods(Not AFK): Quiet room for mods who are not AFK but also not actively chatting. Jump in to get a mod’s attention if one is needed, or ping one.

Text Chat:

  1. “#need-interview” : If you have just applied and need your review, post here and ping @Interviewer.
  2. “#need-group-invite” : If accepted, post here and follow the directions in the pinned messages to get the in game group invite.
  3. “#announcements” : Server change notices and event announcements will be here.
  4. “#ed-rp-rules” : Refresh yourself on the rules at any time!
  5. “#job-board” : Post here about available short term jobs, get a group together, general assistance or training, RP, etc.
  6. “#elite-resources” : Various links to tools and resources to maximize efficiency.
  7. “#suggestions” : Open to all who have at least applied to provide ideas and feedback on the server.
  8. “#station-announcements” : Roleplayed bulletin board and intercom style announcements for the local stations.
  9. “#george-lucas-XXXX” : In character text or voice chat when doing anything but being on a mission or flying.
  10. “#ooc-chatter” : Open out of character channel for members and non-members
  11. “#citizens-ooc” : Talk to your fellow EDRP members out of character.
  12. “#elite-media-sharing” : Share your ELITE DANGEROUS RELATED screenshots, video, and artwork here.
  13. “#tradering, #mining, #pirating, #bounty-hunting, etc” : These are for discussion of the associated channel name subjects.

There may still be rules still added, changed, or removed.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about these rules, feel free to drop them in the Discord #Suggestions channel.

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