Ready to join the fun, but unsure where to start?

here are a few things to help explain our community and get you started on your adventure.

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We call the NPC’s the “Locals”. This is to keep immersion as easy as possible.

The five systems we rule in are referred to as the “Republic”. We are a police state that has taken over and is in the process of building a more solid government.

You do NOT have to be in or stay in these 5 systems to RP. It is only the RP center of our community.


To assist you on your path for Role Play, Here are some examples of a type of character you may want to play.

  • MERCENARIES – Hired guns and bounty hunters. Private security and bounty hunters.
  • PIRATES – Scum and villainy. These pilots are likely to not take NO as an answer.
  • SPACE TRUCKERS – Traders, haulers, and even smugglers.
  • PASSENGER HAULERS – These pilots make sure the Locals get to where they need to be.
  • MINERS – Every civilization needs raw materials, and these pilots provide them.
  • RESCUE & RECOVERY – It is their job to assist and rescue stranded pilots.

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If this is your first time Role Playing, don’t stress it. Here are some easy tips to get you started on becoming a pro.

In Character is when you are talking as the character you’ve created.

Out of character is when you’re trying to communicate something that’s outside of the roleplay.

When you have something to say to a CMDR that is not in character, say OOC or Out of Character before hand, that way the roleplay is not disturbed.

When you are having a technical issue, nine times out of ten there’s easy ways to roleplay it:

  • Instancing issues can be roleplayed as your scanners malfunctioning.
  • Your game or computer crashing could be your ship restarting due to a bug.
  • Your controller/joystick or mouse/keyboard malfunctioning could be that you’re thruster is acting up and you need to reset the system.
  • If your microphone or headset isn’t working, you are having a comms malfunction.

If you need to do something in real life, you can still role play it. If you need to use the bathroom, say you are using the ship bathroom. Need food? Mention your ship’s kitchen. Have an animal or child acting up? You’ve got a noise in the back of your ship you need to investigate.

The goal is to keep the immersion as real as possible; we want you to really feel like you are in space.

As far as creating a character goes, there are some guides on the forums. But primarily, here are the things you’ll want to do:

  • Decide your character’s backstory. It can be as simple as — He was from Earth and decided to come explore space.
  • Create some character traits. Make sure to have both positive and negative traits. We all have them.
  • Is your character happy go lucky, or incredibly pessimistic?

Generally, having three or four positive traits and three or four negative traits decided will help you understand how your character would react in interactions.

If you’re a new pilot who has a huge fear of pirates, you’re not going to gun down the first pirate that interdicts you.

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Last but not least, and this is entirely optional, have a goal. What is your character working towards? Money? Ranks? Power? Love? It can be so simple…or as complex as you wish.

Remember that your role on the server can and will change and grow as it does. Like any real life person, you evolve. Don’t be afraid to turn over a new leaf, or head for the dark side. Remember that role play isn’t limited to the game mechanics– it’s limited to your voice.

You could be a doctor and use a CMDR’s flight suit sensors to diagnose and treat people who’ve come to you or were in accidents.

You could run a talent agency, and showcase the talent in the Republic.

You could be a news reporter, a tour guide, a planet enthusiast, heck, you could even be a bartender at the station bars.

Everything is possible. what will you create?