Greetings Commander!

To make it through customs and join our corner of the galaxy, we just need you to fill out a few details about your visit!

(Please note: You are required to be over the age of 16 years old to be a member of this community.

It is also required that visitors read and abide by our Regulations found here: )

Thank you for applying to join the Republic!

We will process your forms in a timely manner.

To speed up your application process, proceed to the #need-interview channel in the long range comms (Discord) when you are finished and request an immigration officer. 
Once in contact, we will verify your identity & documentation and set you up.

This is a spam prevention process. 


CMDR NAME (The name you go by in Elite: Dangerous):

Discord Username + NUMBERS (for example, Johnson#1138)

Are you aware that you must use a nickname in the Discord that matches your CMDR name in Elite?

Do you have the long range comms (Discord) installed on your PC? If not, stop and download them (( )) before continuing

Now that we have made sure your technology and ship is up to the Republics Standards, please proceed with the next part of the process. This is simply used for our data systems so that we know some basic information about the IRL version of you.

What time zone are you located in?

Have you ever role played before?

Would you be interested in helping with EDRP?
We need experienced primary roleplayers and story creators, DMs, etc.

If yes, what would you like to help with?

How did you hear about EDRP?

The following will test your knowledge on the Republic. This is to make sure you've at least glanced at the rules and know the very basics of the server rules.
This is an automated system.

If a fellow CMDR requests voice comms, you must accept. Do you consent to this?

Inside the Republic, what would you call an NPC?

How do you communicate that you need to say something to someone else but not in character?

Can you kill an NPC?

Which of the following systems is one of the systems in the Republic?

Can you ever KOS (Kill on Sight)?

What is your email? We will not spam, this is an alternative form of contact for when Discord is down or for Admin messages.