Enjoy playing Elite: dangerous but feel like the galaxy is a bit empty?

What is the Vision?

The Vision is simple. A roleplay community filled with a variety of space personas; alien hunters, colonists, explorers, pirates, traders… whatever you can vocalize and imagine, you can be.

We want this to be more than cops & robbers and more than your typical roleplay server. There should be a level of engagement and interactivity between all characters that is so much larger than just interacting with the police/ being a pirate.

Our Republic is limited within five systems for story reasons, but the roleplay is galaxy wide. 

We are a private group that gives Elite players an opportunity to role play with other people who love to create, keep you stimulated, and give a depth to the game that we feel is lacking.

Through the use of in game comms and Discord, we have created a universe inside the game that exists only to entertain you. We’re here to be your go to community when you’re craving social interaction. As such, non-consensual PVP is PROHIBITED. If you want to be a murder hobo, stay in open.

We have pilots of all levels of experience. We do not discriminate between Harmless or Elite. If you need help, there are commanders able to help get you started.